Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Jefferson Starship 1974

My limey friend had lived in Clevo before he was banished to Frogtown. We went to Columbus and met up with his Clevo buddy, who is now an affirmed Columbian. We started out the evening tormenting the Clevolumbian's downstairs neighbor. I don't know if there was any dinner involved The Clevolumbian lived near the campus where Mershon was located on High Street. We walked to the auditorium & saw the show, which was great. Mershon had some serious bastard security goons that shoved people through doors when evicting them. There was no smoking allowed in the auditorium & with a band like the Starship, there was plenty of smoking going on. Paul Kantner stopped the show at one point and told security they could fight him if that was what they wanted to do. The violence toned down a bit.
Afterwards, the three of us treated the town like poo. Columbus had no chance against the onslaught of the unholy triumvirate of Strongsville, Pudsey & Springfield teenagers.

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