Friday, October 30, 2009

Mötorhead V The Cro Mags 1986

The Cro Mags drew a young, fit and fairly bald crowd. Mötorhead drew an older hairier heavier crowd. Mötorhead attracted more chicks. Go figure. I was kind of in between. The Mötorhead fans hated The Cro Mags & their fans. The Cro Mag fans hated Mötorhead & their fans. I didn't get it because both bands seemed to be playing about the same thing. It was amusing. I was waiting for some scrawny skinhead to go all Ernest T. Bass on some man mountain biker dude.
Both bands played hard, fast & loud. For once, Bogart's policy of too loud was AOK. Mötorhead played "Orgasmatron".

Mötorhead is truth

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