Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jethro Tull 1971

My parents drove me & my pals to the show at Dayton's Hara Arena, then went out to eat and returned to Hara to pick us up after the show.
Tull was touring Aqualung which had been released in the spring. A friend of mine who loved the band was a certified kleptomaniac. He actually paid for that album. I had never heard of the band. I remember telling my klepto friend that I didn't like country music. He hit me. Aqualung was no country album. It was also the one that catapulted the band into the American spotlight.
It was a kickass show & led to almost annual fall tours by the band eventually moving from Dayton to larger venues in Cincinnati. There was plenty of banter with Anderson & Evans' clowning. Toss in Martin Barre's sizzling Les Paul & a fine evening was had by all. My parents claimed to have had a fine evening as well.


geebee said...

Really? Your parents drove us...? " It was a new day yesterday but it's an old day now."

Quimbob said...

yeah, I wondered what they thought of the folks in the parking lot. :-)
Vegasant got his drivers license in January & the bizarre transportation strategies came to an end.
Do you remember what grew in the field across from Hara's parking lot ? Was it an orchard ?

geebee said...

Field? How could I not notice your parents were in the car... Jesus. Oblivious golden youth.