Thursday, October 22, 2009

Issue 2s & Frivolous Ballot Initiatives

State Issue 2 is meant to avoid a referendum by radical out of state activists in the future. In Cincinnati we are seeing frivolous ballot initiatives all too often. The people promoting them are always the same disgruntled, unelectable fringe elements. Their favorite strategies are posturing against scary technology and painting governments as sociopathic and byzantine. They seek to manipulate simple people with fear. It's no wonder organization like COA T would use fantastic science fiction movies like "The Matrix" in promoting their anti-technology & anti-government agendas. Similarly, the NAACP's Smitherman fear mongering is leading people to believe in a shadowy local government out to commit genocide thru the water supply.
While flipping thru the channels on TV the other night I found 3 lonely guys sitting around the Issue 9 yard signs with the bus on 'em and one of the fellas remarked that the "power of the referendum" had been kept a secret from the people by the government.
Just last year we voted on a state issue (1) concerning the rules of (statewide) ballot initiatives. It is no secret. It's no Dan Brown fantasy. Maybe the gentleman slept through civics class ? Mr Smitherman just sat there & never corrected nor educated his droogies.
From our schooldays, we all remember our classroom being punished for the ill behavior of a few. Will the abuse of the referendum process by a few in Cincinnati with questionable policies and misleading promotion result in State Issue 2 type measures to put a stop to these politically frustrated malcontents ?
It would be a shame to see that happen. I used to sign any ballot petition that came by but with the increasingly misleading promotions of them, I no longer sign anything. Now I am more cynical about citizen activists than of any government body. The us-v-them attitude portrayed by the WDaVers is more of an indictment of them than of the local elected government.

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