Saturday, October 10, 2009

ray Charles 1981

In a previous post I described cajoling a sis into carting me & the old lady around SW Ohio to see The Ramones. The plan fell apart when said sis decided she didn't want to return us to the Queen City til the weekend. A long boring bus ride into Dayton alerted us to a Ray Charles concert on Saturday, so we raped Jeannie & got tix and forced the aforementioned sister into driving us to the show. The convention center was just big room with folding chairs. They didn't dim the lights for the show. Mr Charles didn't seem to mind. It was kinda like attending a show in a high school gym. It was good, as you would likely expect, I mean it was Ray Charles....
It amazes me to look back & see that I witnessed such iconic musicians in he span of a week.
Got back home Sunday.

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