Thursday, March 14, 2013

A 911 on Pi Day
Wether Cincinnati's emergency clause was handled correctly will be diced Friday. The Cincinnati Business Courier reports that local attorney Louis Sirkin sez:
Emergencies are only justified if they’re needed to keep the peace – when there’s a threat of riots or a natural disaster, for example – not for routine revenue raising measures
But that's not how it is used hundreds of times a year In fact, as Roxanne Qualls points out, John Cranley might bitch but he's voted for emergency clauses as much as anybody
Emergency clauses are routinely attached to City Council motions. During Mr. Cranley’s years on Cincinnati City Council, from 2001-2008, he voted for over 180 items with emergency clauses attached.
The emergency clause seems to be used on almost everything that relates to relesing money for projects & such because the business community doesn't work on the tedious schedule the governemnt does. What's particularly humorous about the people bringing this lawsuit is that the same people bitching about this are usually the ones saying the government should operate more like a business.
Anyway, it's in the hands of the Winkler dynasty now - part of the hotbed of intrigue in the Green Township GOP which should work in the favor of the Anderson Township GOP ambulance chasers.

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