Monday, March 04, 2013

Drones Cross Rubicon
With the use of surveillance cameras on the rise, one has to wonder how can people ever sift through all the mind numbing footage of people milling around scratching their noses & texting their moms. The answer is ~ they're not. The current electronic surveillance is just the groundwork being laid by the pink moles of the percolating Robot Army. Obviously, the machines are better suited to digest all the boring info than the quivering flesh bags, but the fleshbags are much more at ease seeing their own install the core infrastructure that will eventually enslave them.
With the knowledge of who is better suited for manual labor as human/animal hybrids, being wetware or just human battery power, the Robot Army can more rapidly execute their morbid plans when they achieve critical mass.

For more on the plans to subjugate the Queen's Robot Enclave, check out The Fishwarp

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