Monday, March 18, 2013

The Power of Victimhood
In a recent Fiswarp article by "Local Expert" Dan Hurley, the author issued some thoughts about stabilising & re-invigorating Cincinnati's neighborhoods. He said:
First, will upwardly mobile newcomers to Over-the-Rhine find creative ways to live with, not just beside, the poor who have lived there for more than a century?
Second, can West Side neighborhoods quit bemoaning the influx of displaced African-Americans and build mixed-income, mixed-race neighborhoods?
If successful, they can provide an instructive model for residents of Hyde Park, Avondale and all of us that diverse, inclusive communities are more interesting, exciting and culturally richer places to live than what existed in the past.
But did the westies appreciate him suggesting they take a leadership role in the city?
Not on your life!
Instead they just wailed & moaned and did everything Hurley had mentioned was their current unsuccessful MO. They ain't changing a thing, just wallowing in their own self pity.

The whole story here

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