Saturday, March 30, 2013

Leadership = Salesmanship
A recent Fishwarp editorial called out city councilmembers & the Mayor for not doing a good job of explaining themselves & the parking lease to the citizenry. As we saw the discussion was quickly defined by self serving opportunists like the Windbag & Sillyman and GOP shock troops, COA T.
It's pretty easy to get your message out there using tools like blogs. heck, I did it and the guy in Pakistan who is always looking for porn seems to be finding something…..
Qualls used Blogger for a while but quit David Pepper used Blogger for awhile, too. Some city councilman from Mariemont tried using his blog to discuss ideas and proceeded to send the unions into conniptions. Maybe people don't like to read. But it's easy to do Youtube videos, too.
Mallory appears to have completely disappeared at this point.
So, anyway, while this post is longer than what an average shmoe is going to read, council candidate Mike Moroski has posted a piece about the parking lease that lays out the issue in great detail. This is what we need in coucilmembers and in the mayor's office. Mind you, I'm not endorsing the guy at this point, but his willingness to lay it all out on the table is refreshing.

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