Friday, March 22, 2013

John Cranley
~ On the Issues ~
Bad to Bizarre
Cincinnati mayoral candidate John Cranley states"Quite Simply, I will work to get kids and guns off the streets and to put more cops on the streets. "
Now Blogging isn't Cool is all for getting kids off the street, they are noisy and get in the way. He also points out that one of his law & order successes was "introducing tasers". As part of that triumph, he sided with Councilman Sam Malone, who was arrested for beating his son to the point the kid had to be taken to the hospital, with the practice of tasing 5 year olds.
Cranley has pursued his police state utopia before when he was on council and voted to hire extra police officers the police chief didn't want or need. Tom Streicher actually warned the council that the inflated complement could prove too costly to maintain in the long run and the new officers would only get laid off after a few years. Turns out the Chief was right although the city council has taken pains to retain the officers.
Cranley repeatedly spends money without thinking, ignores the experts in the city administration and draws the ire of civil rights organizations.
Council & the city manager have recently drafted a plan to fix a current budget hole & keep officers on the payroll but Cranley is vehemently opposed to this because, as is his MO, cost is never an object.

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