Monday, March 18, 2013

John Cranley
~ On the Issues ~
Bad to Bizarre
From John Cranley's mercurial website:
"Instead of the uneconomical streetcar plan, I support the efforts of Hop On Cincinnati, which is a plan for a trackless trolley system bus that will connect entertainment districts like the Gateway Quarter, Mt. Adams, The Banks, and the Casino."
While the streetcar plan Cranley opposes is geared towards building long term, sustainable residential & business investment, Cranley wants to invest in a cheap party bus. Maybe one of these?
FWIW, we already have a Fun Bus and when it comes to this kind of transit idea, a free traveling vehicle is a good idea as the entertainment hot spots tend to come and go. 2nd Street used to be HUGE and, later, Main Street and while there are other reasons they are gone, both were in decline before their coups de grases. Fact is, there's reasons to have fun buses AND a streetcar. Unfortunately, Cranley's vision is as limited as his message of shallow populist fawning.
Bread and circuses without the bread - all Cranley's got.

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