Saturday, March 09, 2013

I want Some of What Todd's Smoking
If you told me our new sheriff had given the keys to the evidence room to our Hamilton County Commissioners, I wouldn't be surprised. Hartman is telling the city to shorten the enforced meters time but his own departments could probably save the bankrupt county government money by shortening their own hours rendering the conflict moot. Todd Portune, an ex-Cincinnati resident is trying to dictate meter rates. Hey, why not get rid of 'em - everybody likes free stuff…..
But Portune's real gem is his Eastern Corridor Oasis line. A project that will cost almost a half BILLION dollars and almost $20,000,000 per year to operate. And where can a Cincinnatian go on the train line? Parking lots.
While folks out east in places like scenic Milford & idyllic Newtown can drive to these parking lots, park & hop on the train to town like Don Draper, a person taking the trip east would need some good hiking shoes. Dunno what the scoop is on taking bikes on the train.
It seems the train would only need to make a couple rush hour trips in the morning & evening. It really wouldn't serve much purpose on wekends. I don't know what value this thing would have for special events. Even metro has stopped it's Riverfest specials. And this is what really has Portune freaked out. He wants to get this train running by a major sporting event. Why? Will baseball fans want to take the train to a Milford parking lot? Perhaps a lot of east siders are avid baseball fans - ok - how do you schedule the train around the game AND the other festivities?
Seems like an awfully expensive Park & Ride.
Anyway, Mt Adams is sure to veto the plan.

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