Monday, March 04, 2013

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
Ohio State Assemblyman Louis Terhar has proposed legislation to advance secrecy in state business in an effort to "ensure public transparency". Terhar, is of course, the spouse of the state education board president who was recently outed for posting fallacious memes on faceBook like a drunken teenager. He was appointed to the seat of disgraced Assemblyman Robert Mecklenborg, who resigned after being arrested in Indiana for driving drunk & stoked to the gills with viagra using an invalid driver's license & in the company of a 20 something 'showgirl'. He hails from Green Township, long known for scandals ranging from HUD manipulation to the board of trustees bending over backwards & breaking their own rules to give patronage jobs to spouses of top Hamilton County GOP officials. Terhar was officially elected after his district was radically Gerrymandered redrawn. Coming from such a culture of corruption, Terhar's Orwellian logic makes perfect sense.
He is circulating a proposal to make it harder to find out about applicants for state jobs. He wants to conceal the details concerning people who would be paid with taxpayer money to attract "the best & brightest". Hiding the sub par qualifications of Jennifer Triantafilou would have saved Green Township a lot of problems. Covering up Robert Mecklenborg's arrest could have saved the leach face. I doubt Terhar would take a Dumbocrats word for it that no shenanigans would go on behind closed doors. No matter how well intentioned he is, and I doubt he is, our government needs to be transparent & his attempts at surreptitiousness should be aborted.

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