Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What Do You Want on Your Tombstone ?
A lady in Florida is suing a Catholic Cememtery because they will not accept a tombstone emblazoned with logos of NASCAR & the Indianapolis Colts. The PIC claims that all tombstones need to have Catholic oriented imagery only.
It's their cemetery - they can do what they want.
What surprises me is that NASCAR & the NFL will allow the use of their logos on the tombstone in the first place.
The Spring Grove Cemetery doesn't appear to have any policies listed but other cemeteries seem ok with such imagery on headstones.
This'n is in Indiana & has logos for a whole bunch of companies. Having an ad on your tombstone for Viagra is a particularly nice touch - doubtless it will lead to at least a few rumors about the interred's demise. Again, I guess the companies are ok with the use of their trademarks?

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