Monday, March 11, 2013

City to Install Dangerous & Costly European Style Pedestrian Crosswalks
As the liberals lead the United States down the rabbit hole of disastrous European socialism, their latest ploy is to install new striping for pedestrians in roadways. The European style markings require vast amounts of paint - way more than our efficient, economical & traditional, American markings. This paint is also slippery when wet making them a dire hazard in the rain.
As we all know, MILLIONS of Europeans die while floundering around in intersections trying to get up after slipping only to be mowed down by drunken communists driving cheap Dacias.
Pedestrians, like Negroes and Mexicans, have long been allies of the leftists and, as is their way, the elitist authoritarians have turned on them, too. There is no end to the hatred and bloodlust of the American Liberal.


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