Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why Does Steve Chabot Hate Liberty & Small Government ?
Another telephone "Town Hall Meeting", another channeling of Stalin by Steve Chabot. In these 2 calls that invaded my solitude the other night, Steve Chabot's loyal vassals both sought ways to screw the unfortunate. This is something very close to Chabot's CINO heart. In both cases, Chabot admitted to the government using force on citizens. He proclaims it unfortunate when this force is leveled on his followers but welcomes even more force, restrictions & invasions of privacy on the poor - or those who probably don't support him.
Chabot shouldn't be questioning why some people are drug tested, he should be questioning why anybody is drug tested. Presumably "George" is a good employer & hires qualified workers with good track records. Presumably he would suggest a medical intervention if one of his employees was slurring or staggering - indeed, the worker might have suffered a minor stroke. But, no Chabot wants employees, in a fairly un-American fashion, to prove their innocence.
The second caller is worried about new neighbors that might not be of the same caliber as her friends & fam. Chabot fairly butchers his explanation of block grants, but, again, offers no recommendation of liberty enhancing smaller government.
Negativity & big intrusive government ~ all Chabot has to offer.

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