Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grasping at Straws
When planning a sidewalk event one can either stand in front of public areas (like parks) or block access to businesses in an attempt to leech off of their business. As it can be bad for business, polite people will ask businesses if it's ok to leech. Dope dealers like to hang out in front of stores so they can have access to restrooms, change & snacks. It doesn't mean the business endorses the leeches & dope dealers. When petition gatherers asked if they could stand in front of Graeter's ice cream stores the owner replied yes, they were public pathways. He might have just figured most people would walk right past the petition signature collectors, ignoring them.
But city council's #2 opportunist has taken this, and announced it, as an endorsement. This is, of course just what desperate people do and Smitherman has a reputation for just making stuff up anyway.
Of course there's no sure bet they even have a reason to collect signatures but this is the kind of feeble tactic radical minorities use. HSUS continued to collect signatures for an Ohio referendum even after they withdrew the thing. It's always good to have those names & contact info when you go begging for more money.

Fishwarp article here

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