Thursday, March 21, 2013

Steve Chabot - Not a Cincinnatian, Not an American
As Steve Chabot is presumably supposed to represent his district in America, it's troubling to see his focus is more on preserving The Holy Republican Order.
His 3/20/13 ramble is titled, "Can The Republican Party Be Saved?". He whines about losing 2 seats in the district-less Senate & losing 8 seats in the House (composed of gerrymandered districts) where Republicans should have had an advantage. He mentions "hanging on" to his seat in a district virtually impossible for him to lose. It's like the guy is talking about sports.
Then he cites a study done at the behest of GOP poobahs. It stated people who had abandoned the party described it as, "scary, narrow-minded, out-of-touch and the party of stuffy old men. The party needs to catch up with the times, it's too ideologically rigid and indifferent to the struggles of average people", etc.
He doesn't mention classist, superstisious, war-mongering & batshit crazy.
When it comes to suggestions from the report - fewer debates during the primary. Obviously the less the GOP opens it's collective pie hole, the less embarrassment.
What recommendations Chabot didn't like? Mainly reality based stuff like, "comprehensive immigration reform and inclusive and welcoming on social issues". The latter is totally unacceptable to the religionist Chabot who MUST ram his religion down every American' throat. Never mind the anti abortion crusade has been a lost cause for 40 years now.
Chabot does agree that the GOP should get better at social media. But he still doesn't take comments or questions on his "blog". I guess he will want to tweet more…..
Chabot sums up his article with "And, in my opinion, yes, the Republican Party CAN be saved".
Great, Steve, but howzabout America, Ohio & Cincinnati (yes, even Westwood)?

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