Thursday, March 28, 2013

But Are The Signatures Legal ?
Rumour has it signatures for the latest COA T/NA CP referendum aren't being collected legally. Collectors aren't monitoring the signing and misinformation about the parking plan is being disseminated.
UPDATE: More illegal unmonitored petitions spotted. Have Brinkman's minions failed to learn their lesson?

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Anonymous said...

I spoke with an anti-parking plan petioner today that was unaware of the city's ongoing collection of fees from the parking plan. She said the only payment was $90M upfront. I asked about the $200M Net Present Value and she said I'd need to ask Smitherman (who was about ten feet away) about that. He immediately walked away. Last week I tried to talk with his office about the pros/cons of the deal and when I asked if the person was aware of the $200 NPV she got highlly offended and hung up the phone on me.