Wednesday, March 27, 2013

John Cranley
~ On the Issues ~
Bad to Bizarre
John Cranley proclaims
City Hall has repeatedly cut bus routes and increased fares. I will reverse that trend by adding routes routes and reducing fares.
Well, ok, Council has to approve fare hikes, dunno about arbitrarily setting them, but routes are pretty much the sole domain of Metro/SORTA. Nevermind that, tho, does it make sense to cut funding and increase spending? Again, Cranley's math goes beyond bistro & into the bizarro.
In the past, Cranley has worked to block Metro fare increases and wound up hampering service & deferring maintenance. The metro manager warned Cranley that his short sighted austerity would only make repair costs higher in the long run - Cranley didn't listen.
Meanwhile - are Cincinnati fares out of whack? FWIW, I frequently see people pay cash & only ride 1 or 2 stops. Anyway, here's what other towns charge.
  • Cincinnati - $1.75
  • Columbus - $2.00
  • Cleveland - $2.25
  • Indianapolis - $1.75
  • Lexington - $1.00
  • Louisville - $1.75
  • Detroit - $1.50
  • Pittsburgh - 0 - $2.50
  • St Louis - $2.00
  • Baltimore - $1.60
Pittsburgh has a "free zone". I don't know how big it is but from eye witness experience in Porkopolis, having simple fixed fares & routes eliminates a lot of confusion and promotes efficiency.
As far as new routes go, I can only hope Cranley intends to be as critical as he has been on the streetcar. oh, wait, that was just obstructionism, Cranley's real talent ~well~ when not promising free stuff…..

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